Vote won’t be going to incumbent state senator

About a year ago, I was frustrated with the current child support system and felt it is very unfair in the way it is set up. I called both my state representative, Justin Woodson, and my state senator, Gil Keith-Agaran.

Woodson was very helpful but Agaran did not even return my phone call. That should be appalling to everybody. What kind of a senator is that? I get it that he knows I am a blowhard conservative who hates everything liberal. But he is still my senator and should behave like he is regardless of my political views.

It is not often that I support a Democrat, but Christy Gusman would be a much better choice. She is a Christian woman who will put her faith, and what she believes is right, ahead of party.

I also like Joe Kamaka, who spent considerable time in Texas where he learned about how conservatism works. Both Gusman and Kamaka would be better than Agaran.

At the very least, they will return a phone call.

Erin McLaughlin