Wake up, notice island’s loss of enchantment

People everywhere are asleep. But people in different locations sleep for different reasons. Conscious wakefulness is lost in big cities, because of excessive stimuli. People are asleep in impoverished areas because of fear and worry. In opulent areas, people are lulled into sleep by glitter, glamour, illusion and excessive desire. As a teacher once said, “Luxury is the cemetery of the spirit. Luxury is akin neither to beauty nor knowledge.”

People in the islands speak of “Polynesian Paralysis,” which is supposedly caused by heat, humidity, a slow tempo to life and dreamy vistas.

Generally, there is a core of people ruled by ambition, materialism, selfishness and narrow-mindedness. In comparison with others, this group seems alert, alive and awake. But it too is asleep. Dreaming different dreams. This group is no closer to reality than the other sleepwalkers.

It is time for people to awaken, even for a few minutes. It is time to ask reasonable questions regarding the disappearance of so much tourist money and tax collections. It is time to look through one’s eyes, with an empty mind, and to notice the loss of the island’s enchantment. It is time to toss our incumbents. And to protect the aina.

Raphael O’Suna