Building next to Kanaha Pond must be reconsidered

The proposed building of the Maui Medical Plaza six-story structure next to Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary in Kahului needs serious reconsideration.

A few of the inherent problems with this project are as follows:

* It would create irreversible damages to Kanaha sanctuary existing coastal wetlands and marsh soil lands, which hold environmental, historic and cultural significance.

* The design does not meet with the Wailuku-Kahului Community Plan. Do we really see any sense of a plan being followed in Kahului?

* The developer/owner from the Mainland is delinquent for payment of thousands of dollars owed on property tax.

* Hyped as a medical plaza, this original plan will not lure the medical profession but instead will likely hold vacant spaces for rent at a premium price.

* This project has negative concerns from the Federal Aviation Administration, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Department of Health, Department of Land and Natural Resources, and the Urban Design Review Board.

We need the Planning Department to do the right thing and offer a second public hearing to gather public testament and review the options.

Ask yourself this: Where in Kahului do you find natural environmental beauty?

Help preserve and protect the Kanaha Pond area before it is too late.

Send concerns to

Neida Bangerter