Don’t fall for propaganda of anti-GMO activists

We have the anti-genetically modified organism initiative to vote on now. It is imperative that you know what you are voting for. Examine both sides. Want to look into the future if passed? Look at Hawaii County. The voters passed the same bill. There is tremendous backlash with this ruling. Will Maui County be overregulating farmers? This is what the federal and state agencies do now.

Food costs will increase. Currently 85 percent our food is imported. Who pays for this unnecessary labeling? We will.

The hysterical SHAKA Movement – are they farmers or even biotech scientists? No.

The farmers on the Big Isle are suing the county. Farmers are not happy about this overregulation.

University of Hawaii biotech agricultural scientists have spoken against this regulation in our county. The aid that biotech tools give to the farmer are immeasurable. UH keeps farmers up to date on developments in the scientific world. Scientists depend on empirical scientific data and share their findings. Listen, read and vote intelligently.

Hysterical propaganda cannot be in process when decisions are made about our island food delivery. The motivation of this anti-GMO is social engineering and overregulation. Organic and conventional farming can coexist. They do already.

The choice is yours.

Recently we had yet another mayoral candidate arrested. He was testifying before the council to ban GMOs.

Lisa Gapero