Island Hospice a blessing for neighborhood, kupuna

No doubt people will complain about anything they can find cause to do so. It’s not one of the most flattering aspects of human nature.

I’m all too familiar with the new Island Hospice (The Maui News, Aug. 3) location in Kahului. Previously, the location was a care home for adults with disabilities. The community, at that time, supported this effort.

The property had become run-down with bad tenants and the death of its owner. Neighbors were less than happy.

Island Hospice has completely remodeled the home to become a beautiful dwelling and an improvement to the neighborhood. Still, the neighbors are unhappy.

The new owners have eradicated the less-than-desirable tenants. There will be no more police raids on the property in the middle of the night, no stinky trash left out. There were always multiple junk vehicles parked along the side of the road. The hospice has created a small parking lot for its use to alleviate this mess. They have beautified the landscaping.

However, the most important thing is they are giving back to the community by offering end-of-life care to our kupuna. Shame. If people can’t respect the business at least respect the end-of-life residents who need a safe haven at that time in their lives and support the good cause provided by Island Hospice.

Leslie Farnel