Landlords pricing working class out of rentals

What has happened to our long-term rentals? The prices people are asking have become out of a working-class person’s price range.

Most renters on Maui work in the service industry and earn anywhere from $7 in retail to $12 per hour in most other areas of employment. Try adding that up and see what you come up with for a monthly income 40-hour week x $10=$400 per week before taxes.

How are we to pay these rental prices upward of $1,200 a month for a one-bedroom or small studio/ohana?

Stop the greed. Landlords are removing a much-needed commodity for us working-class people.

I’ve lived on Maui for 34 years as a renter and now there is no place for me to live because my landlord just raised my rent from $800 to $1,200 plus utilities. I work very hard and would like to be able to enjoy a nice rental.

Jill KenKnight