Mayor has no expertise, authority on GMO issue

Responding to conclusions made by Mayor Alan Arakawa that genetically modified organism foods are safe (The Maui News, July 26): It is unfortunate that as mayor he can influence public opinion when he lacks any real authority or expertise on this issue. The fact remains that there is no adequate body of science on GMO food attesting to its safety other than that conducted by or funded by Monsanto. Our regulatory agencies have failed to require any independent testing.

Monsanto’s agenda is really a financially motivated monopoly on the world food supply. It is not what it professes to be; its dark history is evidence of this. Monsanto is a chemical company developing chemical-resistant crops so it can sell more chemicals. In order to develop pesticide-resistant crops, Monsanto has to saturate its test fields with these deadly chemicals to determine just how resistant its crops are. This means that it will be experimenting with levels of use far exceeding what is described in the labeling of its pesticides. To get around this, it uses a research license, which means it can spray as much as it wants and still be within the law.

Not taken into consideration are the 60 countries that have imposed restrictions or outright bans on GMO foods and 64 countries that require labeling.

A priority established by Arakawa, which appears on the Office of the Mayor website, is that of achieving a “healthy and sustainable community.” Monsanto’s practices are neither healthy nor sustainable.

Ann Pitcaithley