Reasons are many to cast your vote for Amato

I’m in support of Terez Amato for these reasons and she has my vote: I’m a very concerned local resident and I care about what happens on my island. There are many issues that have not gotten enough recognition. I’m looking for a candidate who will not take money from corporations. I understand that big corporations are controlling and buying out the people we vote for who are supposed to work for us, the people.

I want someone who will fight for the minority even though the majority rules, but understands that their job is to find balance so I hope they find ways to work together to have a win-win on both sides. Someone who will stand up to toxic abuse. Us as people demand that the taxes we pay for be spent wisely, and I hold the candidate responsible for his own decisions and actions.

Please do what is right so we can change things for the better.

Clarence A. Fune