Sentences are too lenient for heinous criminals

I am shocked by the recent headlines involving a man who nearly took out his common law wife’s eye and got 90 days in prison as well as the creepy Kaanapali child molester who only got one year (The Maui News, July 26).

I am curious if there is a legal restriction that has resulted in such light sentencing or if it is Maui judges.

Any person who would be so brazen to sexually molest an unknown child in a public place does not deserve to be walking the streets, no matter what a great worker he is. We can put him to work in prison doing data entry.

The very thought that this Eric Wilson will soon be out to inappropriately touch another kid makes me sick to my stomach, especially given his statement to the police about prior abuse of girls and wanting to write a manual on pleasuring women.

I ask The Maui News to do us all a public service and publish a photograph of this maniac so we can all know to keep our keiki away from him.

Maui judges, can we get serious about protecting our citizens and put proven violent offenders away for life?

Loren E. Clive