Sports complex product of dirty political tactics

The July 18 Maui News article about the legal challenge to Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui’s proposed Central Maui Sports Complex was seriously downplayed. The article says the legal analysis charges that the project “failed to meet various state and county plans as well as rules and requirements.”

It’s much more serious than that.

A cease-and-desist letter sent by attorney Tom Pierce, representing Maui Lani Neighbors, a nonprofit organization, details not just a couple of violations and illegalities, but seven. Do you think those were just oversights or accidents?

The 65-acre property, designed and approved as a community park, was commandeered by Tsutsui and the Department of Land and Natural Resources and turned into a massive sports complex. Instead of following the law, they bullied their way through the approval process, with the lieutenant governor’s staff member even pressuring the volunteer Maui Planning Commission into granting a special use permit for the project.

The location of the proposed sports complex is ridiculous: right behind hundreds of residential homes. When homeowners voiced their concerns, DLNR and Tsutsui refused to have any meaningful dialogue with them. Instead, the state used dirty political tactics to ensure any public meetings were confrontational and unproductive.

This whole project is prime example of bad government: politicians concerned only with their personal political agendas and our county public officials looking the other way. Elections are coming up. If you think Maui gets some kind of special favor with Shan Tsutsui as lieutenant governor, think again. More info at

Mark Hoenig