Sports complex violates numerous regulations

Maui Lani Neighbors sent a cease-and-desist letter to the DLNR to stop construction of the Central Maui Regional Sports Complex.

The letter documents seven violations and problems of state and Maui County land-use laws and restrictions. These violations and problems raise serious questions about the integrity of the proposed project, the planning process and elected officials.

Land-use regulations are often complex, difficult to follow and subject to interpretation. Thus, it is possible that a regulation is overlooked or misinterpreted when a problem is fast-tracked. However, the Maui County Code is straight forward and clear when it states that the required minimum area for a regional park is 100 acres.

Therefore, it is illegal to use the 65-acre property adjacent to Maui Lani neighborhood for a regional park. Likewise, it is mindboggling for Towill Corp. (the contractor), the DLNR and the lieutenant governor to propose it for a regional sports complex.

What makes their actions even more suspect is that the Maui Island Plan and the Waiale EIS, which predate the Central Maui Regional Sports Complex, identified the property as too small legally for a regional park. Furthermore, when you consider that there were six other violations of county and state land-use laws and procedures, it seems obvious that someone was trying to pull a fast-tracked fast one.

While fair play and adherence to the rules are hallmarks of sports, it is woefully ironic and sad that this sports complex is characterized by neither.

Harley Manner