Term ‘unborn child’ doesn’t block medical care

A July 24 letter describes the author’s unhappiness with the term “unborn child.”

It is noted that the term “unborn child” is used on at least one State of Hawaii application form and is included in the laws of a number of states with respect to fetal homicide.

Hawaii Medicaid eligibility considers an “unborn child(ren)” of a pregnant woman to be included in her household size; see Med QUEST Medical Assistance Application, DHS 1108, Question 2A.

For the frequent use of the term “unborn child” in state laws, see National Conference of State Legislatures Web page: www.ncsl.org/research/health/fetal-homicide-state-laws.aspx

Two excerpts from that 2013 Web page:

* Currently, at least 38 states have fetal homicide laws (Hawaii does not).

* At least 23 states have fetal homicide laws that apply to the earliest stages of pregnancy (“any state of gestation,” “conception,” “fertilization” or “post-fertilization”).

It is noted that, in those same state laws, abortion is an exception to fetal homicide.

In summary, the use of the term “unborn child” is codified in a number of state laws and does not “deny women needed medical care.”

Tom Jezierny