Vote for those who will change backward system

Our hospital is underfunded and cutting services.

We had a fully funded new state-of-the-art hospital ready to go, and our legislators stopped it from happening.

Our education system is rated the lowest in the nation. It is the only education system run by the state, rather than by local government.

We were told our new high school was approved and ready to go – now maybe 2020.

One definition of being stupid is continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

First of all, how about caring enough to vote? Then, secondly, how about voting for people who will work on changing our backward and special interest system?

Spend time reviewing how backward our state government is and why it is that way, and consider providing opportunity for our kids and grandkids by voting for representatives who understand what is needed to get us on the right track.

Our current state representatives have let us all down, and it would be stupid to vote for them again.

Dave Parrish