Delay harms integrity of local political process

Regarding three recent articles in The Maui News:

Judge Susan Oki Mollway delayed the implementation of a moratorium on the farming of GMO crops. She said the delay in implementing the law “does no harm to the integrity of the political process at the county level.” I disagree.

Judge Mollway also said she did not believe that a delay would have an impact on the environment or public health and safety.

The second article noted that the research arm of the World Health Organization has named glyphosate (Roundup) as a probable carcinogen. We voted for Monsanto to prove it’s safe to spray huge amounts of this and other pesticides. It almost certainly impacts the environment and the health and safety of Maui’s residents and visitors every time it’s sprayed.

We saw “Symphony of the Soil,” a very informative film. I strongly advise Judge Mollway to watch this film and become more educated. This film tells the truth about organic farming, how it benefits the soil, water table and uses much less water than traditional industrial farming. (In the third article, the U.N. warned of a 40 percent water shortage in just 15 years.) The film also shows dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico due to GMO-farmed corn.

I once wanted to believe Monsanto’s P.R. Then, I studied the subject. Many citizens became educated and voted this law into effect. To delay its implementation due to ignorance is definitely harming the integrity of the political process at the county level, and quite likely our health as well.

Mary Groode