Show reveals the sweet truth of living in Hawaii

Lucky we live Hawaii! Even luckier we live Maui! Could we make it even better? CNN recently aired Anthony (Tony) Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” featuring Hawaii. Tony stated that in his many travels, he thought Hawaii was about as good a place as there is on our planet. The show culminated on Maui.

Tony pointed out how the sense of ohana and aloha spirit gave everyone the desire to give, without an expectation of getting in return. I found myself crying as the show revealed the truth and sweetness of living in Hawaii. It touched a place deep in my soul.

Having flown over a million miles all over the world, I concur about how special a place we live in. I’ve lived here for 30 years, and have seen our desire to make it the best for everyone.

I plan to run for mayor again (thanks to the 709 brave pioneers who voted for me last year), hoping to create Mauitopia, the ideal society of the future (see

Are you excited about creating the first sizable community in history which has no violent behavior? Hawaii already boasts the lowest rate of violence among the 50 states.

We will encourage everyone to do for work what they love to do. Wouldn’t you like to live in that kind of a community? Wouldn’t that be even better than today’s Maui? Would you like to live in, and help create, Maui truly no ka oi?

Ori Kopelman