Hale Makua made mom’s last years comfortable

Our 92-year-old Mom, Florence T. Rodrigues, recently passed at Hale Makua. She had been a resident there for the last five years.

Her last years of life were made comfortable because of the highly professional staff at the Ilima wing. We cannot express enough the gratitude to the wonderful persons that are there to care for all the patients that they are responsible for. From the directors to the nurses and aides, there are too many to mention by name, thank you for all you have done for Mom and continue to do for our community.

On a final note, Mom was born and raised in Puunene. The family was part of the plantation community. My grandfather and all of his sons and sons-in-law worked for the sugar plantation. All now have passed, Mom being the last one.

It is ironic for our family to think of her passing in the same year that the sugar plantation is now part of a bygone era for our island Maui.

Randy Rodrigues