Guard you sacred being and be true to yourself

I’m 85 years old. As an elder, I have certain special rights. It is expected of elders to have at least a particle of wisdom. I will do my best to impart some.

Most importantly, always remember you own your entire being.

Your body, mind and soul are yours, period. The government nor any of the religions own you. None of the elected officials or priests own you. At best they exist to serve you.

None of the self-anointed power junkies own you. They need the permission of the majority to do anything here. Never let them take your sacred being without your expressed permission. Be reasonably careful of those who seek the power of public office.

Maui is on a trend that can only lead to being copycats of those tropical paradises that have come and gone before – Acapulco, Bali, Puerto Vallarta, etc. Go there and find the same beaches, hotels, restaurants and people of authority. There is plenty to save here. Let’s do it. In the meantime, there will be whatever force it takes to keep the airport busy. Good luck with that.

I have been warning you about Monsanto and other poison makers, and it does seem likely they will seek to use the former sugar cane fields to spread their poison here and make us buy it without telling us it is their product. Please take the time to Google “GMO” and carefully study what they are up to.

Pippo Schillaci