Kelly King understands Maui County concerns

My husband and I have been visitors to Maui for over 20 years, residing in South Maui for six weeks annually. We have noted with satisfaction a thoughtful balance between preserving the beautiful environment and positive efforts at commercial and technological growth. Kelly King, candidate for County Council, has taken the lead in these efforts.

However, the subtle decline in services, both for residents and visitors, is cause for concern. Road conditions in Wailea reach gridlock as Piilani Highway becomes an extended parking lot most afternoons. Homelessness is more prevalent and there appears to be little systemic support from government agencies. Hospital conditions are deteriorating rapidly and medical services are sporadic for the indigent poor.

Kelly recognizes these conditions need responsible oversight and hard-won correction. As a resident, she has contributed her talents and skills in a myriad of roles, actively participating as a board member of the High Tech Development Corp. She has demonstrated her keen advocacy in the field of education, serving as Maui’s elected representative to the Hawaii Board of Education.

Kelly’s energy and commitment to the values that make Maui County so attractive are evident. “Pono Prosperity” is not just a hash tag or an iconic slogan. Pono Prosperity is a philosophy that Kelly King lives each day.

We wish we could vote for her in the general election in November. We hope that residents will consider casting their vote for this experienced candidate who is ethical, intelligent and truly understands Maui County concerns.

Elizabeth Wilder

Fairfield, Calif.