Roads and highways should get regular maintenance

Imagine my  surprise recently to see the entire length of Haleakaka Highway’s shoulders and medians being manicured and trimmed after countless months of being uncut with weeds 4-5 feet high — in some places blocking the view of oncoming traffic. I counted over 10 men with weed wackers cutting chest-high weeds along the area between Makawao and Pukalani! Is this a once-a-year assault or promise of things to come?

I have written many letters about this constant problem for those of us daily traveling the normally unkempt highway. Unfortunately, the grass and weeds were so high in places, even after being cut, there still remains large tracks of messy high grass and weeds and there is debris all over the highway — dangerous when wet!

And it appears they have started spraying again so we have areas with dark brown, dead weeds 4-5 feet high along the highway guardrails — a fire hazard to be sure. Am I being unreasonable — expecting our roads and highways to be regularly maintained for both purposes of safety and aesthetics?

Vincent Linares