Council already showing disrespect for the law

The Maui County Council election is barely over and already our laws are being disrespected and perhaps even violated. Mike White’s office announced the chairmanships for the upcoming term in The Maui News (Nov. 12) and on the Maui County Council’s website.

However, the Charter of the County of Maui plainly states in 3-5.1 that the new council will elect the chairs on Jan. 2 at 2 p.m. Notwithstanding the great achievements of White, this smells like backroom dealings and a power grab, and probably a violation of our state’s Sunshine Law.

Our election showed that people are fed up with establishment politics and want a council that is open, fair and for the people. White has been chairman already and it’s time for a democratically elected successor who respects the law.

Chris Mentzel