Despite the setbacks, women will prevail

My dear, departed mom forever talked with excitement about the world opening up for women. She would have been an impassioned Hillary Clinton supporter. Whenever I’d hit an obstacle put up by the boys’ club to keep women down and out, my mom, who found a notepad for just this purpose, would dash me off a line of support.

The pages had a quote from John Wayne.

Barbara Walters had been made the first female co-anchor of a national news broadcast. She faced vicious, cruel opposition from her co-anchor and peers every night on air. Looking back, it’s unimaginable it was allowed to go on. But it was, and on she went.

Ms. Walters said: “It was lonely and it was painful, but what saved me: one was letters from other women saying, ‘We’re going through the same thing.’

“And the other thing was a telegram I received, believe it or not, that said, ‘Don’t let the bastards get you down,’ and it was signed John Wayne. A man I had never met. And I felt the cavalry was coming!”

Holding one of those notes, I knew just how Babs felt.

To women, especially the young women of Maui, in the immortal words of my mom and John Wayne — “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” You will prevail, just not this time.

Peggy Seymour