Endorsement says it all regarding Kelly King

On Oct. 27, Maui Time published its endorsements for the 2016 General Election. They endorsed Kelly Takaya King for the South Maui County Council seat. I believe their endorsement says it all:

“For a few elections now we’ve happily endorsed Don Couch for County Council, but not this year. His recent agreement with Mayor Alan Arakawa’s plan to ‘suspend’ all community plan updates because he believes the planning process is ‘broken’ is ignorant and reckless. There is nothing wrong with the county Planning Department’s process of updating community plans, but there is everything wrong with political leaders who blame the ‘process’ when their land developer cronies get sidelined by community plan updates. We need council members who trust community plans and agree to uphold them, and Kelly King fits that bill nicely.”

Please vote for Kelly Takaya King.

Judith Michaels