Police officer an inspiration to us all

A police cruiser pulled up in front of me as I walked along Uluniu Street in Kihei. As I approached, the police officer had opened the trunk and was busy winding a pole on to a large broom. I asked him, “What are going to do with that?” He responded, “I am going to clean up this mess.”

An irresponsible owner or gardener had blown the leaves off their property onto the road. He started sweeping. I had never seen anything like this before and so offered to help. “Sure, hold the bag,” was his reply. He swept on and then on bended knee picked up the debris with his hands and put it into the bag.

“Do you do this all the time?” I inquired.

In his own words he informed me that he does the things that God presents him with as he goes about his day. He explained how grateful he was for his lifestyle and the eight years he has been on the force. I explained how grateful we are to have leaders like him in key positions in our society.

Brian Kirby is an inspiration to us all. Let’s follow his leadership.

Kent Bubbs