Be careful what you wish for on cane land

Recent letters about raising cattle on former cane lands state that eating animal products is bad. It causes coronary heart disease. Methane gas from cattle causes eye irritation, headaches, sneezing, etc. Grasses grown on poisoned land poisons cattle and then people. Instead, they should grow real food: fruits and vegetables (in the poisoned soil).

If you don’t give the farmers/ranchers the opportunity to use their land in a profitable manner, they will sell it to developers. We will suffer from traffic and smog instead. Developers would love to get their hands on all that acreage. Pavement is far worse for the environment than cows. Traffic accidents are far more dangerous to our health, but I don’t see anyone objecting to more roads, driving faster, burning more fossil fuels in big SUVs.

Cows are killing us, not cars? Choose your battles wisely.

Why don’t you roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and farm organic bananas yourself? Be careful about criticizing the farmers/ranchers, big or small, who are trying, otherwise only corporate agriculture will be able to afford to do business with us and outlast our various complaints.

There’s no way everyone will be happy with diversified agriculture. Yes, we should be paying very close attention to the plans for the cane fields. We should be supportive of any reasonable agricultural ventures that maintain the land as agricultural, GMOs excluded. After all, GMOs thrive in poisoned land and are waiting in the wings. Would that make you happy?

Cissy McDonald