It’s one thing after another without end

The government has somehow calculated the increase in my Medicare Part B premium to match, exactly, the one-third of 1 percent cost of living increase in my monthly Social Security check, an increase in net spendable income of zero. Meanwhile, the county Salary Commission has approved a 12 percent raise to the six-figure salaries of the mayor and department heads. What’s wrong with this picture?

Mike White seems to understand, labeling it “callous” (“Chair’s 3 Minutes,” Dec. 18). Other adjectives come to mind as well.

As though in concert, my Senior Advantage premium at Kaiser just went from $38 to $194 monthly, an increase of about 400 percent, albeit the coverage and co-pays are now more generous.

Then, as always, “never fail in the mail, Jack, comes a rotten bill” (Chuck Berry). This one’s from the county, which wants $255 for the privilege of negotiating my 13-year-old Honda over shabby Upcountry roads, around potholes and closures for one more year after I pay someone $20 to walk around the car to certify my lights and horn are working and that I am duly insured, and this after I drive 20 miles into town to find a licensed inspector. And on and on. Too much monkey business.

Now I’m ashamed of myself for all this whining. I’m one of the lucky ones, able to make it anyway. I think I’ll drive into town and hand out some 20-dollar bills to a few of those who really need it.

How about you?

Jake Rohrer