People clearly wanted Clinton to be president

Let’s be clear about this last election: The people have spoken and they told the country that they wanted Hillary Clinton to be president.

The only way Republicans were able to eke out a victory is due to fearmongering and voter suppression. They lost the popular vote by more than 2.8 million votes and were able to win the Electoral College in large part because they disenfranchised voters in a number of swing states. They won Wisconsin by 27,000 votes after more than 300,000 votes were suppressed by restrictive voter ID laws put in place after the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013. Results were similar in North Carolina, where the courts struck down some of the voter suppression tactics but not all.

In Michigan, Donald Trump won the state by 10,704 votes, a mere two-tenths of a percentage point, after similar voter suppression laws were instituted.

These laws were touted as ways to combat voter fraud, but voter fraud is almost nonexistent in the U.S. and has never materially affected the results of an election. The truth is these laws were put in place solely to allow a minority party to prevail. Far from protecting minorities from the tyranny of the majority, the Electoral College, gerrymandering and voter suppression degrade the concept of one man (woman), one vote.

On this we can all agree: We may be a republic, but we are not a democracy.

Doug McBride