Reach for the stars, seek loftiest goals

I’ve been on a great journey of self-discovery. While it has borne many benefits, I have become even more grateful of who I am. Lots of therapy and workshops have made only minor improvements to my strengths and weaknesses.

I have gained a modicum of self-awareness, which I encourage everyone to strive for.

It has also made me aware of my strong desire to create the ideal society of the future, or Mauitopia. I handed out 3,000 complimentary copies of the booklet I wrote. It’s called “Creating Mauitopia: making Maui a real paradise.”

You can read it online for free at

In Mauitopia, we would all do what we love, have no crime and help one another. Pursuing Mauitopia is my highest dream.

During this holiday season, won’t you reach for the stars and seek your loftiest goals? Each of us doing this will make our own and Maui’s energy bubble with excitement.

Ori Kopelman