Set priorities for protecting Maui County water resources

What are our short-term priorities for sustainability of long-term needs of our Maui paradise? Water, its use and reuses and sewage treatment are two which have many tentacles of cause and effect for our growing population and tourist industry, and deficient agricultural sustainability.

We must demand efficient government with logical application of county ordinances involving our protection of our water tables, and ocean waters so they don’t become polluted.

We must ban cesspools and water and gravity septic tanks because they leach, leak biologically lopsided agricultural nutrient contaminated sewage, or runoff to our water table and ocean.

We must demand through our state reps and County Council members to enact and mandate all waters to go through systems of the most efficient water treatments and reuse (recycling) system to gain the most from each used drop of water so we, as stewards of our aina, protect the end result, which is swimming or pulling fish from it, and at such time we then promote sustainability of our tourists and fishing industry.

At the same time, we become accountable for each drop to gallon whether bathing, swimming, watering the garden, flushing the toilet — the end result is we let it roll downhill to our choking polluted ocean, which we swim in, or eat its fish.

Jerome “Tiger” Mecalfe