Stop exploiting Hawaii’s people and resources

Stop the exploitation of Hawaii’s resources and people. “Woe to those who issue unfair laws, says the Lord, so that there is no justice for the poor” (Isaiah).

Evil is evident in Kahoma. Atrocities are committed.

Allotment and pricing for “affordable” housing are government-sanctioned lies.

Developers take land from Hawaiians with court-endorsed quiet title and quit claims. Partnering with charitable organizations, they avoid criticism and justify their exploitation.

Water availability is threatened for agriculture.

Historical land is destroyed.

Stanford Carr’s Kahoma Village poses an imminent threat to a very historical property/former battleground and David Malo’s homestead.

A historical community park respects Hawaiian culture and honors Malo’s “doctrine of integrity.”

Love contributions could provide park funding. Giving provides a tangible expression of appreciation for the privilege to visit, live and prosper in Hawaii. Multimillion-dollar estates riddle the island, proving potential for generous donors.

The Front Street affordable apartment complex was sold. Rental increases will displace residents, causing homelessness and oppression. A benevolent owner is required. Otherwise, government acquisition or community land trust concepts could stop this unrighteousness and keep the homes affordable in perpetuity.

“Lord God, to whom vengeance belongs, let your glory shine. How long will the wicked triumph? See them oppressing your people. Who will rise up against the workers of iniquity? When doubts fill my mind, when my heart is in turmoil give me renewed hope and cheer. God will destroy them by their own plans. Come before Him with thankful hearts” (Psalms).

Michele Lincoln