Suggestions for making Maui a safer place

Pedestrian accidents will continue until a greater number of injuries and deaths happen.

We are into the crisis mode and still those responsible for our safety continue to debate. The time for action is now. Consider these 10 suggestions:

1. Stop jogging in the streets.

2. More crosswalks are needed, even at shopping centers.

3. Crosswalks need bright lights and reflectors to make them noticeable.

4. Green traffic lights can be given only to vehicles or to pedestrians but not to both at the same moment.

5. Locate bus stops off of the main traffic flow and at crosswalks.

6. Walking on the side of the road must not be permitted.

7. Hitchhiking must not be allowed.

8. The elderly, like me, should not drive at night on Maui’s dark streets.

9. Cross-country track students must not run the streets for training. Coaches should get ticketed.

10. Driver education classes should focus more on pedestrian safety.

Both drivers and pedestrians want to feel safe. We want the same for our children and students. Maui is not pedestrian friendly.

Frank Gomes