Trees needed before cows in cane fields

Recent letter writers have addressed the problems with replacing cane with cows, for the humans and the Earth. A bigger problem is no shade or protections from the elements for cows being put into cane fields.

A cow is not a plant, a cow is an animal. Maui law, since 1997, requires all fenced-in animals to have access to shade. For cows, that is trees and gulches filled with trees.

A&B is installing fencing as we speak to the west of Hamakuapoko Road. Where is the shade? The sun beats into those fields all afternoon with no shade in sight. Putting cows in these fields is in violation of our long-standing animal care laws. A&B must be required to follow the laws, like the rest of us do.

A&B needs to follow the lead of the past and plant ample trees for the cows and allow those trees to mature before putting cows into cane fields. Excellent tree options include coconut (the best choice because after two years cows can go in), mango, breadfruit and so many more.

I hope that A&B will do right. If not, the Maui Humane Society, which has the animal law enforcement contract, will have to step up and police this power player to force it to obey the laws.

So A&B, plant those trees and then wait the proper time required before putting 1,000 cows in cane fields, which is not this year.

Richard St. Gaudens