County trash haulers leaking hydraulic fluid

Why is it that our county trash haulers are allowed to leak hydraulic fluid over our streets, parking lots and walkways? As a condo owner in Kihei since 2000, it has only gotten worse.

I owned/operated a crane rental company in Seattle and my customers would never put up with that sort of pollution. Goodfellow Bros., T.J. Gomes, and Pacific Pile & Crane all have owners and mechanics who can repair leaks right away. They have equipment that has been on our streets and roads for a long time, as well as jobs sites, and it must be maintained.

To see the damage, just walk along Kauhale Road just south of Keonekai and see the drips as the trucks swerve around parked cars to empty the cans. If there is no fix, make them wear diapers. Everything drains to the ocean.

Larry Ness