Letters to the Editor

Fan of postal service and The Maui News

I was honored that my niece included writing a letter and sending it snail mail to me as one of the 30 things that she wanted to accomplish before she turned 30.

She expressed appreciation for being able to get encouraging words in a written form and not via email or any of the other social media. I am a big fan of our postal service.

I feel the same way about our newspaper. I love being able to hold it while I read it. When there is something that I want my daughter on the Mainland to see, I cut it out and send it to her. Yes, there are articles and statements that don’t fit my world view. However, I grow in understanding when I read a differing opinion.

The letters to the editor are one of the more vibrant aspects of our newspaper. It makes me feel connected to my community even when I don’t agree with the writer of the letter.

We are so lucky to have the local news coverage that we do. We are fortunate that the newspaper employs quality people on staff. Matthew Thayer’s photography is an art form. Columnist Kathy Collins often makes the comments that I need to send on to my daughter.

I will be gladly paying my $200-plus bill for my newspaper renewal. What a deal that is when I see how much I pay a month for the other forms of communication that I pursue.

Mahalo for keeping us informed.

Sue Kiang



Let’s hope damage Trump is doing is not irreparable

Putting completely aside the refugee immigration issue, Trump’s (1) calling the Washington state federal judge who issued a restraining order vis-a-vis the refugee ban a “so-called” judge, (2) saying he, Trump, watched oral argument before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and found the points made “disgusting,” and (3) calling the judiciary “political,” works like an acid on a critical branch of government whose role, among many, is to protect us from overreaching presidents.

Furthermore, his disparagement of the judiciary places the lives of judges involved in the case, and their families, at greater risk of harm from an inflamed base of citizens.

This recent incident is just one of many attacks by Trump on our democratic institutions. Keep in mind that the Constitution is just a piece of paper. Its real value lies in the faith we place in it and the institutions it creates. Trump will be gone in four or eight years, if not earlier. Let’s hope the damage he’s doing to our democracy is not irreparable.

Mark Hyde



Kihei boat ramp needs dredging immediately

The state has approved dredging at Lahaina Harbor again. This is a travesty! We in Kihei need our boat ramp dredged immediately. My boat trailer was stuck in over a foot of sand, and I had to dig it out for a half an hour to pull it out last week. Lahaina has had major repairs already done, and we should be next.

I’ve emailed our Rep. Kaniela Ing and he responded that he would take care of it right away three weeks ago. Ing also said that last June in a news article to no avail!

When will Kihei get their harbor dredged? We also need repairs on the boat parking lot that is a major tripping hazard, as well as our boat wash that is a mess!

Come on, Kihei representatives — “do your job” and help us boaters out before someone has to sue the state over getting hurt at our ramp or for their vehicle being damaged due to trying to pull a trailer out of thick sand or major potholes from the ramp all through the wash-up area.

Roy Bendell