Letters to the Editor

Writer shortchanged ‘hate’ by confining it

How accurate and what purpose is served calling hate leftist (Letters, Feb. 7)? Hate is fair, doesn’t discriminate, relishes diversity — ethnic, political, religious, etc. Hate will befriend all.

The writer shortchanged “hate” by confining it within bounds. Was it an act of love when the KKK (cross-burners) and Evangelical Christians united behind Trump?

The Civil War the writer is referring to never died — always dormant, it erupted when an African-American, born in Kenya(?), who hates whites(?), a Muslim(?), became president. During the Obama tenure the hate groups nearly doubled — surprise, surprise!

The writer “prays” that the violence shown by some of the left doesn’t become the norm. Is violence leftist too? Had Trump’s opponent won, I wonder how peaceful the KKK, the Neo-Nazis, the Arian Nation, the neo-Confederates, the Skinheads, the Apocalyptic Christians, the birthers, the truthers, the supremacists, 1,700 hate and extremist organizations, I wonder how orderly they would have behaved. After all, these are law-and-order abiding citizens?

The writer adds that the “left controls our media, schools, unions, also many politicians and judges.” The right only has the presidency, the House, the Senate and the Supreme Court — all Republican majorities! Is ignorance rampant?

The writer’s convenient adaptations to that infallible ideology is a disrespectful spit on the graves of “The Braves” who made the ultimate sacrifice for us all to be able to express ourselves freely. But above all, factually, still praying?

Alain Mei



Ending prostitution arrests would cut off hope

House Bill 1533 proposes making prostitution and pimping legal. It was introduced by Rep. Joe Souki. The bill would also make it legal for a police officer to engage in sex with a prostitute in the course of the investigation.

Everyone, especially parents and grandparents, needs to know that there is no such thing as a “teenage prostitute” because every teen is enslaved by a pimp/trafficker.

I was alarmed when learning of the process wherein a teen becomes enslaved. See www.passhawaii.org. Contact Dr. Kathy Xian.

Though more victims than criminals, the enslaved prostitutes, when arrested, are separated from their pimps and can ask for legal help. Ending arrests would cut off their one hope for rescue from their pimp/captors.

House Bill 1533 guarantees a huge increase in the enslavement of teens and adults in this despicable world of forced prostitution.

Alarmingly, every attractive teen and young adult is a potential sexual slave! I am relieved my teenage grandchildren don’t live in Hawaii!

Every big event — athletic, music or conference — in Hawaii attracts sex traffickers who fly in enslaved prostitutes from all over the world.

Souki knows the issues of sex trafficking due to the diligent work of Dr. Xian.

Souki has dishonorably created a tremendous threat to our young people with House Bill 1533. See the movie “Taken.”

Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Susan Lussier



Emily’s List aims to elect pro-choice women to office

As a four-week visitor to Maui each year, I enjoy reading The Maui News daily. I have been struck by the many thoughtful letters printed and would like to share a resource for those wanting to engage politically as a result of recent election outcomes.

You can extend your reach beyond the immediate impact of local politics or seek assistance in engaging yourself locally, statewide or nationally. Emily’s list (www.emilyslist.org) is a community of over 5 million individuals who have contributed to over 900 election victories since it was founded. The stated mission of Emily’s List, founded in 1985, is “We elect pro-choice Democratic women to office.”

The vision is threefold: Balance the voice of power: “Our vision is a government that reflects the people it serves, and decision-makers who genuinely and enthusiastically fight for greater opportunity and better lives for the Americans they represent.”

Elect leaders who ignite change and to engage and be heard. I encourage you to explore the opportunities made possible by Emily’s List.

Stella Coakley

Corvalis, Ore.