Being productive now and dreaming of the future

A goal-oriented pattern has made me extremely productive and efficient for the last 25 years. I also made some money.

I write my objectives at the beginning of each week. I’ve adapted the MBO, or Management by Objectives, method. As the week rolls on, I check off my accomplishments. Experience has helped me achieve 90 percent of my goals.

Perhaps other people use a similar method. By Thursday afternoon or Friday, many of us productive people become more relaxed.

I built my management consulting business thanks to reaching on the phone normally very busy executives on Thursday or Friday afternoon. Somewhat surprisingly, I remember getting ahold once of the president of IBM.

Rather than just being productive now, I have a dream of creating the ideal society of the future, or Mauitopia (see A society in which we would each do for work what we love. One in which there would be no crime. One in which we embrace the aloha spirit. A community in which we take care of our brothers and sisters.

I hope to become your mayor to help make Mauitopia happen. As a project management consultant, I assisted NASA get the space station launched on time. I have some experience doing what’s never been done.

I am new to politics. Wouldn’t you love to help me create Mauitopia?

To not owe anyone “favas” if elected, I self-funded my last campaign. I got 697 votes. We’ll win by getting 5,000 votes next year.

Ori Kopelman