Letters to the Editor

Will you help us blast off and create Mauitopia?

Are you also feeling overwhelmed? Are you also feeling like you never have enough time?

My father, an 83-year old professor of physical chemistry, contends with receiving 8,000 emails per day. Despite that kind of overload, happily he still enjoys his work. Thanks to computers and the internet, he does much of it from home. He could have retired years ago, but I’m happy to see him still contributing to society.

Our modern world gives all of us many opportunities for how to spend our time. We can choose which friends to have anywhere in the world, which TV shows to watch on dozens of channels, which stores to shop at in person or online and which events to attend.

I have a dream of creating the ideal society of the future, or Mauitopia (see mauitopia.org). A society in which we would each do for work what we love. A society in which there would be no crime. A society in which we embrace the aloha spirit. And a community in which we take care of our brothers and sisters.

In Mauitopia we don’t feel overwhelmed. We enjoy the cornucopia life offers.

I hope to become your mayor to help make Mauitopia happen. As a project management consultant, I assisted NASA get the space station launched on time. I have some experience doing what’s never been done. Will you please help us blast off and create Mauitopia?

Ori Kopelman



Everyone should see this political thriller

Wish everyone reads the book or sees the movie “Seven Days in May.” Or learn Russian.

David Smith



Trump’s reign evokes a troublesome history

We are going back to the darkest chapters of U.S. history and it reeks of undemocratic, un-American and unconstitutional censorship.

We find this kind of action under Putin’s Russia, North Korea, China, Iran and other dictatorships as we saw in the 1930s and ’40s.

Trump’s attack on the media brings back memories of Nixon.

Garyx Zimmerman



Take heed! Our rights are being eroded

I marvel at the shrewdness of the Republican Party who are masterfully vectoring American proletariats against bourgeois Americans. As the battle unfolds, they manage to stay above the fray and out of harm’s way. They are masters of deceit and experts at agitating the masses to do their bidding. Trump is proof that it’s working.

The Republican Party has sought to use hate, bigotry and envy to mobilize their armies and attain their goals. We need to keep things in perspective and realize that today’s social problems are the result of past American policies built primarily on bigotry and prejudice. So blaming minorities for today’s ills is definitely cause for concern. It pits one group against another for an ill-conceived and invalid reason. Further, it unfairly criticizes minorities for originating problems fomented by government, by corporations and by white supremacists.

Take heed! Our rights are being eroded, and what’s worrisome is that a large segment of the population is OK with that. It seems that these people would knowingly or otherwise accept a white dictator over a nonwhite president presiding over a free democratic republic.

It’s apparent that our First Amendment will be the first to go. Already under assault, Trump has seen fit to ignore the press except to foist his extortions and lies to the public when emboldened to do so.

I don’t know how this will end, but at present, it doesn’t look good.

Bill Coelho


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