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‘The Crucible’ reflects time when integrity was valued

“The Crucible,” Arthur Miller’s exploration of Cold War communist witch hunts through the story of the Puritan community of Salem’s witch trials, performed by Seabury Hall and Maui Academy of Performing Arts this March 5, was a tour de force. Old and new talent harmonized to such a height, one could easily forget that three generations were sharing the stage. I did!

That’s when you know you’re witnessing something special — entertainment by way of one painful historic period filled with injustices, when zealousness dominated and looking back, a time offering lessons so instructive as to avoiding past wrongs. That play, that night, “The Crucible” achieved that.

This was a time when the “accused,” to save his life, had to lie, confessed falsely to a deed he didn’t commit. Many went to the gallows by refusing to compromise. Their integrity was their ultimate value!

Today, denials are routine. Considerable efforts, at the highest level, to evade the truth are the norm and unsubstantiated allegations to distract, disguised lies are a la mode: “I don’t recall.” “I was misquoted.”

The nerds of the herd are spineless defeatists! Integrity, what’s that? Winning is the only thing(?) — Vince L. (football). “Never apologize, it’s a sign of weakness”(?) — John W. (Westerns). These two confused yet prominent individuals in many circles not only are lifetime heroes, but sadly also benchmarks. Our only chance of survival is a return to principles, to the code of ethics — not happening!

“The Crucible,” what a cast, what a production!

Alain Mei



Attorney general’s actions are petty partisan politics

I am appalled at state Attorney General Doug Chin’s disregard for the safety of the people of Hawaii. He is kowtowing to the establishment, globalist, Democratic Party apparatus way far away in well-protected Washington, D.C. He is demonstrating no regard for the security of these islands.

The ban ordered by President Trump does one thing only: It prohibits ready entry by immigrants and aliens from six countries in the Mideast. Why these particular six countries? Because their governments are either unwilling or unable to provide adequate background information on the bulk of their citizenry.

What this means is this: We don’t know who these people are, and what their criminal or terrorist backgrounds may or may not consist of. Better to err on the side of caution in these days of increasing terrorist violence all over the world.

What Chin does not give assent to is this: Why are countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Malaysia — with higher Muslim populations (numerically and percentage-wise) — not on the ban? Is Trump whacked out, stupid and missing something here?

No, he is not, Mr. Attorney General. Those countries are not on this ban because the needed background information for individuals seeking entry to the USA is available.

So Mr. Chin’s actions can be nothing more than this: petty partisan politics. His party got shellacked in the last election, and now they are being both divisive and unwise.

We do well to guard these islands from unsavory criminal and terrorist elements, don’t we sir?

Mark Becerra



KCA works to fulfill its mission

“Dedicated to protecting, sustaining and enhancing our ‘aina, kai and ‘ohana,” is the stated mission of the Kihei Community Association, an unfunded, all-volunteer nonprofit organization. Is there anyone on the south side — on any side — of Maui who does not support this mission?

Forget saying this, how do we do it? One key way is funding a scientific analysis of the kai. Preliminary results are in — not looking good. Is it safe to swim in the ocean for your ohana and our visitors?

Another is opening our general membership meetings to the community beyond our members for no charge, as we will on March 21 at 6:30 p.m. at 41 E. Lipoa St., the Kihei Charter Middle School. We commence with the Hawaii Farmers Union United President and Maui farmer Vincent Mina, advising what they do and how they number over 1,000 members already.

He is followed by Amanda Cording, over from Oahu, giving a presentation on eco-engineering, green street principals, roof gardens and rain gardens and more. Pono construction does not have to harm our natural environment. Come on by to listen, watch and learn and consider membership. It is free, but don’t forget the on-island hungry. We continue our never-ending food drive, strongly advocating for generous nonperishable donations or checks for the Maui Food Bank.

For more information, call (508) 499-9996 or see www.gokihei.org, our interactive website. Like it? Like us on Facebook.

Mike Moran


Kihei Community Association

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