Let’s recommit ourselves to working for peace on Earth

April 9, 2017, marks the 75th anniversary of the Fall of Bataan, a historic event, immortalized by the heroic and inspiring sacrifice of 12,000 American and 60,000 Filipino soldiers, fighting together in defense of freedom and democracy in World War II.

What followed was the infamous Bataan Death March, a forced 90-mile trek where along the way 7,000 to 10,000 prisoners of war perished. Of those who survived the brutal march, 40 percent died of disease, hunger or maltreatment during imprisonment at Camp O’Donnel, Tarlac.

Let’s take time to commit or recommit ourselves to working for peace on Earth and among all people. Let’s reach out, extend help and make a contribution to charitable organizations working for the relief of refugees and the care of wounded and disabled veterans. Let’s keep alive the promise and the hope spoken of by the prophet Isaiah: “They shall beat their swords into plow-shares and their spears into pruning hooks. One nation shall not raise the sword against another, nor shall they train for war again.”

For me personally, I will be undertaking a 21-mile hike for peace on April 8 that will take me from South Maui all the way through and across the length of the pali highway.

Antonio V. Ramil