Letters to the Editor

Most students are not true liberals

Regarding liberal students and homeless a safety hazard (Letters, April 9):

First off, most students are not true liberals or conservatives but follow their parents. As for liberals not using facts, most polls out there say the opposite. Conservatives like to dismiss facts that do not support their agendas. As for the liberals always playing the race card, do your research on the Republican Southern Strategy.

Yes, John F. Kennedy was a good president but research Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, prostitutes in Hawaii gathered by the Secret Service for President Kennedy, Kennedy’s affair with Marilyn Monroe, he was married at the time to Jacqueline. It isn’t healthy to deify political figures.

As for the people concerned about the homeless, where should we put them? You cannot legislate them out of existence. I guess we could round them up and kill them. But, I bet you get in trouble trying that avenue.

Most of you people do admit there is a problem but you also suffer from a malady called NIMBY. Until you cure yourselves of the NIMBYs, there will be no solutions.

James Hoover



Refuse suspect agricultural products from Big Island

The Big Island’s agriculture has brought to Maui (1) coqui frogs (2) red ants (3) coffee beetle and now (4) rat lungworm disease. It’s time the inspectors either refuse anything being brought into Maui from the Big Island or anyone who might bring their plagues into our island from the Big Island.

I don’t understand why they are all so negligent. For the sake of our Maui agriculture, our children’s future, our community as a whole and our guests who visit and love our island, please become proactive, not reactive.

This is negligence on the part of our government and the Big Island for spreading their issues over here and bringing our economy and tourism down to their level.

Donna Hansen



Gabbard’s meeting with Assad borders on treason

U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard meeting with Bashir al-Assad in Syria is akin to Jane Fonda meeting with the Viet Cong in Hanoi during the Vietnam War. Not only is it un-American, it borders on treason. She doesn’t deserve to be in the House of Representatives.

Paul Fasi



Get rid of the park gates and save county money

After watching our County Council struggle with balancing our budget, it has occurred to me that we could save some money by not locking our public parks. Currently, the County of Maui spends an inordinate amount of money on heavy metal gates, gigantic chains and locks and an expensive security company to lock and unlock these gates each day. The funny part is that anyone can walk around the gates, so it does not keep homeless residents out. The chains are often cut and removed, which then requires more cash to replace them.

The security guards are faced with locking in vehicles which belong to fishermen, tourists and residents who have been unable to retrieve their vehicles before the too-early curfew, or they are unable to unlock gates in the morning. Not a very friendly practice.

I say open the public parks, including the bathrooms, to the public 24/7. Get rid of the gates and save this money. Let residents who pay for these parks decide when to visit the parks. No walls, no borders.

Karin Phaneuf



Entitlement program won’t solve homeless problem

Many letters have recently been submitted with concern for Maui’s offensive and growing homeless problem. However, your socialistic solution to make taxpayers pay for a dedicated space for the homeless with showers, shelters, trash pickup, etc., will only entice more homeless to come to the island. It has been proven over and over that “entitlements,” and this would be no different, only increase the number of people seeking those entitlements.

If you really want to make a difference, go find a homeless person, take them to your home, let them sleep in your spare bedroom, garage or on your couch. Let them have showers and a bit of food from your refrigerator. Now having taken this homeless person under your wing, try to help them get a job so they can become self-sufficient. At the least, have them perform chores around your house, which you so graciously offered as a way to get them out of our parks and off the beaches.

This would be much more positive than your suggestion that all taxpayers pony up for an entitlement program which will only make things worse.

Richard Webster


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