Letters to the Editor

Faith in our elected officials is eroding

We live in a democracy. Whoever is elected president should be supported by all for the good of the country, putting their personal feelings aside for his four years in office.

It does not do our nation any good to keep up this vendetta that people have against Donald Trump. And for Hawaii, it does not do us any good going against the president but will certainly damage our ability to get federal funding — just as the lack of support by his party for Joe Souki did for Maui, damaging our connections to funding.

People should have some vision of the long-term effects that their decisions have on our county, state and nation.

That Republicans and Democrats cannot put aside their differences and work for the good of all the people is ridiculous, disheartening and makes one lose faith in our elected officials, Congress and our government.

Gilly Cambra



Maui heading in a troubling direction

I don’t know who sets the priorities for island development, but it seems there is no understanding about what is good in the short and long term.

I expect any day we will have Vegas-style gambling casinos while we wait for sensible items like a decent hospital. To see a decent hospital, check out Queen’s on Oahu, one of the finest anywhere.

I must wonder just how the purchasing of liquor 24 hours per day is a plus for Maui culture. The way speed limits set up as deliberate speed traps are clearly an insult to the people.

Take a thorough look around, and it is quite clear the people do not have the power they should have.

Voting for a politician is not about giving up citizen’s power, only having them do what we want and not simply ignoring us.

“Mommy, what is a hostess bar?”

Pippo Schillaci



Oval Office plays host to America’s enemies

American presidents from George Washington to Ronald Reagan are spinning in their graves over Donald Trump hosting Russian agents in the Oval Office recently. Shaking hands and smiling for images the Russians immediately released to the world, to Russian advantage. About this for-Russian-photographers-only setup and the subsequent embarrassment, a White House official said, “The Russians tricked us.”

Make no mistake, “agents” is the correct term for the Russians making nice with Trump in the Oval Office. They’re not diplomats or ministers, but agents or spies, as is every person who works for the Russian government, including Vladimir Putin. They are our staunch enemies.

They cyberattacked and interfered in our 2016 presidential election, which some American officials characterized as an act of war. That the Russians meddled in our election is the unequivocal conclusion of every single American intelligence agency, bureaus our brilliant president says he doesn’t trust.

How surreal and frightening all this is that America is getting more deeply involved in the longest war in our history in Afghanistan. Fighting the Taliban, which are being supplied by Russia. American soldiers are dying and being wounded by weapons supplied to the Taliban by Russia, while our narcissistic, none-too-bright commander in chief hosts agents of this murderous regime in the Oval Office.

Trump is a congenital liar who made use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises to get elected — the very definition of a demagogue. His election has been an unmitigated disaster for America and the entire world.

Jerome Kellner



Plastic foam still best choice for containers

There has been coverage in the news about the effort to ban plastic foam containers in the food service business. Those asking for the ban claim the foam is an ecological disaster. The alternative is waxed paper. It turns out plastic foam is a better ecological product, it’s cheaper and performs better.

A standard paper cup takes more than 20 years to decompose in a landfill environment. This is due to the wax lining inside of the cup. The trendy paper cup also takes more energy, raw material and money to make.

For example, in comparison to plastic foam, a paper cup requires 12 times the amount of water, 36 times the amount of electricity and costs double the amount of money to produce.

Plastic foam offers better performance for the end user. Fill both types of cups with hot liquid and hold them in your hands. The foam cup is cool to touch, the paper cup radiates hot liquid inside the cup. The paper cup solution? Users slip on cardboard sleeves to stop being burnt. This practice is standard in coffee shops.

Use science, not emotions, to make an informed decision.

Mike Sowers