Letters to the Editor

Property tax hike not fair to residents

Property taxes going up again? It is unfair to the local residents who have been living in the same house for generations with no intention of selling or moving away.

Is it our fault newcomers buy up all the property, move in and resell, driving prices higher and higher?

With the population doubling in size and housing coming up everywhere, you figure they would have double the money in taxes. Guess not.

Let’s develop more Upcountry and everywhere else, raise taxes and cry drought every year instead.

Burt Sato



Development would be bad for West Maui

I attended the dog and pony show put on May 10 in Lahaina by Lowe Enterprises. They are attempting to take about 60 acres out of the current 360 acres of the green space we enjoy, as provided by the 36 holes of golf courses in Kaanapali.

Lowe’s plan is to convert this green space into vacation condos and homes, high-end retail and boutique hotels. This includes 75 to 100 “oceanfront homes” just across the highway from Canoe Beach, one of the favorite beaches in West Maui enjoyed by local residents and home to the our canoe clubs.

Furthermore, by Lowe’s own traffic consultant’s admission, this project will result in what they describe as a “minimal” 3 to 4 percent increase in the traffic on Honoapiilani Highway between Kaanapali and Central Maui. West Maui, truly an island within an island, can hardly afford a 0.1 percent increase in traffic, let alone a 4 percent increase.

Are we willing to let developers void the West Maui Plan, change current zoning and receive a special management area permit strictly to enrich their pockets? And, ultimately, all West Maui is left with is dealing with the irreversibly worsened traffic nightmare.

Please, contact Mayor Alan Arakawa or Council Member Elle Cochran now before this project becomes inevitable.

Robert Kindrachuk



Emergency brought out the best in Maui

At 10 a.m. May 7, my husband, John, and I were snorkeling off Napili Beach when, all of a sudden, I noticed that John was in trouble.

We were not out very far, but I immediately started pushing him in and began yelling for help. Immediately, several people came to our rescue and pulled him from the water. An off-duty EMT started CPR. The Maui EMTs arrived, treated him and called for a helicopter, which transported him to Maui Memorial Medical Center.

I want everyone to know that so many wonderful people helped me handle a terrible situation. One even put me in her car and drove me to the hospital. Napili Sunset resort packed all of our things, which were sent to me at the hospital, and even retrieved items from the beach that belonged to us. I received a call from Micah at the hotel telling me she was mailing the items.

We are now home, and John is doing very well. I am trying to see if anyone knows the EMT hero who saved John on the beach. I would really like to thank him as I am so fortunate to hopefully have more years with John. I do not know if he was a visitor or a local.

Maui residents, you can rest easy as Maui Memorial performed with extreme professionalism and took excellent care of John. John is a physician himself, so he knows what excellent care is all about.

Margaret Chard

San Juan Capistrano, Calif.


Personally thankful for Maui health care workers

Thank you dedicated health care workers for my life. I was born prematurely the year and month Maui Memorial Medical Center opened, November 1952; I was born Nov. 18, 1952, under Dr. Ogata, who saved my life.

I gave birth to two wonderful children in 1978 and 1982 under Dr. William Hoskinson.

Thanks to Dr. Sakai Uehara, out came my gallbladder.

I’ve had all of three colonoscopies with Dr. Hansen and Dr. Matsuyama.

Big mahalo to Dr. James and Dr. Withers; Dr. Rocket, an excellent surgeon, like Sakai. Can’t forget Dr. Haling, Dr. Mills, Patterson, Dr. Pfeltzer, Dr. Moser, Dr. Hanlon and Dr. Powell in Hana — without these (and others probably forgot since I am older) and all the workers who make our only hospital function, I think I would be dead.

Thank God we have an efficient ER staff.

Sandra J. Bird