Candidate speaks 4.5 languages, plus pidgin

Is President Trump or fired FBI Director James Comey lying? Are you tired of Washington politics or even local politics?

I’m a straight-shooting haole who communicates well. I speak 4.5 languages plus pidgin. Around my Filipina wife I speak Filipino-English. “Throw” means “throw out,” or put in the garbage. Thankfully, unlike in the days of the Tower of Babel, our island community can all communicate with each other.

I’m bilingual in English/Hebrew, speak German, French and some Italian. Mahina Martin, who was the county’s communications’ director, and a member of my Toastmasters’ club, taught me a valuable lesson.

Mahina suggested speaking in pidgin if the person you are speaking with does.

I have a dream of creating the ideal society of the future, or Mauitopia (see A society in which we would each do for work what we love.

I hope to become our mayor to help make Mauitopia happen. I wrote a book on project management and used it to teach a class at Stanford University’s Continuing Studies.

One of my students was the former director of HP Labs and the developer of the technology for the HP ink jet and laser jet printers. He said the techniques “provide an excellent framework for effective management of any difficult project.”

Want Maui to become truly no ka oi? Together we can embark on the unprecedented project of creating Mauitopia.

My mayoral acceptance speech will use mostly regular English. OK, sista, brah?

Ori Kopelman