County bag ban affects shoppers’ spending

I know this is beating a dead horse since this bad regulation has already been passed, but the plastic bag ban has really hurt the retail businesses here on Maui. When I go to Target or Walmart or (previously) Kmart, I only buy what I can carry. I see this is true for many other shoppers also and I have heard others in the cashier lines make the same comment.

If you don’t bring your own bag and don’t want to buy one, too bad, just don’t buy very much. I am pretty sure that when passing this feel-good regulation there was absolutely no regard to how it would financially affect business. Save the aina, and to heck with the evil capitalist corporations.

This makes a big difference in the amount of money some shoppers spend. When we still had the bags, I always reused them for many things and I resent the government controlling yet another area of my life.

Valerie Sisneros