Facts about Hawaii’s role as a polluter

In being the first to sign on to the Paris accord, Hawaii implies it actually cares. Here are some facts:

Hawaii is likely the largest climate change polluter. Not just because of its active volcanoes, but because it imports 95 percent of its energy and people. Almost 9 million per year visit by airplane, the most egregious emitter, and then rent tens of thousands of autos each week. It air conditions most of its commercial buildings as a convenience, not necessity.

Worse than this, it stopped subsidizing solar (cost too much) and stopped building windmills (too unsightly).

It exports its methane-generating waste to Oregon.

Its imported energy is mostly oil, but attempts to switch to biofuels lead to deforestation of Southeast Asia to plant palm oil trees. Biodiesel is well documented to increase climate emissions.

We can keep making believe we are doing good but in fact are enabling our demise.

David Smukowski

Napili and Seattle