Fix W. Maui traffic woes before more development

Over the last few weeks, several articles and letters have appeared in multiple Maui newspapers concerning West Maui development and traffic woes. Traffic is horrible now and will only get worse if any new developments are allowed.

Government has responded by admitting that they are not doing any planning to get either a four-lane all-weather highway built between Maalaea and Lahaina or punching a tunnel through from Wailuku to Lahaina. They instead tout all the money they’re putting into the bypass and armoring the coastline.

The bypass just moves the problem a few miles south of Lahaina. The coastal armoring already completed has proven to be worthless and, in some cases, has made the problems worse. The recent king tides have shown what our future holds.

Government has also come up with some ideas that they are throwing up against the wall in the hopes that something will stick. More buses, a ferry, etc. These are the ideas of someone who has been caught flat-footed and has no real answers.

Unless it’s workforce housing, no new development should be allowed in West Maui until the twice-daily traffic gridlock is fixed.

Mike Sowers