Homegrown terrorists are a threat to our country

Reading the column by Laura Hollis in the June 8 Maui News led me to research Ms. Hollis. Unquestioningly, she is a woman of achievement. She’s an accomplished Midwestern attorney, professor and well-known conservative political writer with an impressive resume.

So here’s my question: On what does she base her claim that foreign Islamic terrorists are this country’s clear and present threat?

With the exception of 9/11, it is American citizens or legal residents, not refugees or illegal immigrants, who have committed most of the terror attacks in this country, 82 percent, according to a Jan. 31, 2017, Forbes article.

Hollis wrote, “We are letting ourselves be destroyed from within, by our cowardice and our reticence” in her defense of Trump’s “legal and constitutional efforts to restrict people coming in from six countries with known ties to terrorism.”

I agree with Ms. Hollis, we are being destroyed from within, but not by people from Trump’s blacklisted countries but from homegrown terrorists: the bigots, the bullies, the racists and the political hacks who use fear to rally support and whose rhetoric encourages and condones violence and hatred.

Mary Lawrence