Letters to the Editor

‘Speed Bump’ comics panel found offensive

On the comics page May 24, I did a double take when I saw the “Speed Bump.” Dave Coverly had depicted an old-time circus scene in which two men had been shot out of a cannon.

On the ground, one man was telling another something like, “That’s why we only shoot out one man at a time.” In the air, one man was on top of another. And if they were not engaging in anal sexual intercourse, I’m a frog on a log. And, ribbit, I am not.

I have noticed that your proofreaders (if you have such) are careless about spelling and grammar. But this is really over the top. Could you possibly have missed the meaning?

At 2 a.m., I left a phone message for your news desk staff. Will I get a reaction? Let’s wait and see, but I’m not holding my breath waiting.

Dave Slocum



Public Works team did a great job fixing street

Eha Street in Wailuku is the only access street for all of the residents in Iao Parkside, which accounts for hundreds of people. The road is also used by the general public and large commercial vehicles. The street was long overdue for repairs and many serious accidents occurred every year as a result of its condition.

As a homeowner at Iao Parkside, I witnessed many serious problems on the street, including one fatality, one hit-and-run and thousands of dollars in property damage. I complained a lot, but now I am writing to praise David Goode, director of the county Department of Public Works.

David and his amazing staff took over and secured a plan to restore Eha Street. Their work has been outstanding and has already made a huge difference in the flow of traffic. The road is absolutely beautiful and safe for both pedestrians and drivers.

They resurfaced the entire one-mile stretch, which was a huge undertaking due to the traffic. Then painting crosswalks, and a new design that includes bike lanes, brought the street to life. Clearly marked street parking and turn lanes transformed the entire area.

Our hats off to David and all of his workers for the amazing roadwork they do, islandwide. When you drive by and see them working on the roads, give them a thumbs-up and a big thank-you. They are all awesome.

Jackie Harp



Liquor Commission actionis harmful to nonprofits

Seems to me that the Liquor Control Commission is on a mission to stop nonprofits from getting money through liquor sales but for-profit companies can sell liquor 24 hours a day with delivery possible also.

The commission has had a problem even getting a director, so I guess this problem isn’t very much to members.

Seems like they are making it very hard for the nonprofits to get all the information they need to comply with the permit, from work history to fingerprinting and driving history violations of each director. I wonder if the director of the commission could stand up to this test to get a permit for himself. To list a fine for violation of a moving vehicle of more than $25 is ridiculous as a parking ticket costs $30.

What century are the commissioners in to make this requirement? Looks like they like to have everything at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center and not any other place like the Lahaina Civic Center amphitheater or private homes.

Steven B. Ashfield



Tunnel linking West and Central Maui makes sense

I think a tunnel through the West Maui Mountains connecting Wailuku and Lahaina makes sense for our Valley Isle. Wailuku/Kahului is the largest population base and Lahaina is the largest tourist base. Reducing the miles traveled between the two will significantly reduce our carbon footprint over a long span of time.

It also allows Wailuku/Kahului to continue to house all the big-box retailers with easier access from the west side, including Lanai residents making a Costco run.

Edward C. Baldwin