Letters to the Editor

Vested interests apparent in our state government

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t have a letter to the editor about the Trump administration. Yet, something much closer to us as citizens of Hawaii and residents of Maui County goes by with hardly a whimper. What is it? The absolutely miserable governance and apparent vested interest that are very apparent in our state government.

First off, a failing grade for the most recent legislative session where the biggest deal was the politics of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Goodbye, Souki! Next to nothing was done aside from the stealing of the TAT from Maui County and the loss of liability protection for our lifeguards. And, our representatives participate and “go along with the crowd.” The Honolulu crowd, that is!

And we, Maui County voters, are to blame! We keep putting in the same old “good old boys.” Now a new “good old boy” in apprenticeship, Kaniela Ing. Our career politicians. As they say: Maui voters; “No be lolo!” Don’t be stupid.

Maui County voters, your first responsibility is here at home. When are we going to have legislators that work for the betterment of the state and the people? We best make it soon before Oahu and its “braddahs” self-servingly run the state for their own personal interests and betterment.

Pressure your existing legislators to represent Maui and our needs and next time vote in the new names. The ones with “can do” for Maui and not ineffectual “caving in to the Oahu bosses!”

Ray Phillips



Headline and article were biased against Trump

The headline in the May 28 Maui News was “High court travel ban case could test Trump’s reach.” The first sentence of the article was even more biased.

“The U.S. Supreme Court may soon decide how courts are supposed to view presidential power in the age of Donald Trump.” Shouldn’t the sentence have ended after the word “power?” This article should of had “opinion” before the headline.

We now have more than six months since Donald Trump was elected president. The Maui News several months ago stated in an editorial that The Associated Press was balanced in their coverage. Perhaps The Maui News can give the readers one example where they have run a positive article about Donald Trump or his family. I’ve seen numerous positive articles about the Obamas enjoying their after White House life. Is this your definition of balanced? Positive Obama articles, negative Trump articles.

Didn’t Obama say, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor: period. If you like your plan you can keep your plan: period.” Did The Maui News cover this major lie that the Washington Post rated four pinochios? I highly doubt it.

If Trump said something similar to this it would be front-page news for a week.

Fred Van Osten



Newspaper didn’t report on two sporting events

If it wasn’t for The Maui News and my subscription, I would have had no clue that Barbara Streisand’s dog Sammie has died, one column, 4.25 inches. But not a single word about the most exciting Stanley Cup Finals in years or the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix. I think we are just about done here.

Mike Johnson

Maui Meadows


Sanity of POTUS and Pentagon in question

Is there anyone who does not agree that POTUS Trump is in dire need of psychiatric help? When so many top military men stand by him it is time to question the sanity of the Pentagon as well.

The greatest threat to our future is currently everyone working in the White House and those appointed by POTUS, especially Sessions, Pruitt and complacent congressmen.

Jeff Bigler


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