Maui News is pretty boring with no Opinion page

Today was a sad day for me. There was no opinion page. No editorials. No guest contributors. You know The Maui News is pretty boring when there are no interesting essays about life on Earth. We only get it a few times a week now. I miss the excitement of new perspectives.

I admit some of the letters are just plain dumb. And there are always the self-proclaimed candidates for office who have no campaign advertising budget, so they write regular weekly rambling letters reminding people why they have only got 47 votes in the last election.

Then we get the monthly letters from the “cosmic moonbeam dreamers” who moved to Magical Maui to escape the “maddening insane rat race,” but in so doing brought it to Maui with them, driving us all crazy.

Well, it must be a slow day down in the editing room, with nothing interesting to edit. Just remember America’s greatest writer, Mark Twain, was a newspaper editor in Virginia City, Nev., during the mid-1800s.

Mark Kanae Smith