‘Mauitopia’ promises ‘serious fun’ while working

In many business environments, soon after leaving work, women kick off their high-heel shoes and men loosen their ties. That means they work in a state of discomfort. Seems Victorian, counterproductive and not allowing the benefit of enjoying a kind of relaxed Aloha Friday every day.

Is it possible to work in a relaxed way? One that benefits and doesn’t harm our customers? One which still delivers results?

For example, it’s nice to know that bridges we drive on will carry our vehicles safely across and not collapse, unlike what happened in March in Atlanta.

The I-85 bridge overpass, a 350-foot section which carries 250,000 users per day, failed and fell due to a fire. Amazingly, no one was injured.

The State of Georgia Department of Transportation had stored flammable liquid containers of high-density polypropylene conduit material. A homeless man accidentally started the fire under the bridge.

I have a dream of creating the ideal society of the future, or Mauitopia (see mauitopia.org). A society in which we would each do for work what we love in a relaxed, careful and safe way.

I hope to become your mayor to help make Mauitopia happen. As a successful Silicon Valley executive and project management consultant, I want all of us to have serious fun while working.

A leading entertainment manufacturer and a client of mine in Florida created a product in seven months instead of 18.

Mahalo for helping create Mauitopia in a relaxed way.

Ori Kopelman